Indie Ollie Art

Indie Ollie Art is an independent freelance illustrator and hand-lettering artist based in Manchester, UK.

I'm India, founder and owner of Indie Ollie Art. I've always had a passion for drawing and painting and I began trading in May 2019 whilst on maternity leave with my daughter, Sunny. It was always a dream for me to sell my art and work from home.

A key focus for my work is all things fun and positive, and the aim is to convey this via art pieces. I love creating original art because I think there's just something so magical about having only one copy of it. I also really love having people come to me with ideas for custom orders and letting me bring it to life for them!

I cannot believe how lucky I am to be living my dream and have people appreciate my art. It never gets old having people display my artwork in their homes. I can't thank everyone who supports me enough!