Who's behind the brand? How and when your company started?

 I'm Emma, Mum of 2 girls; Nelly & Mabel, Wife to Bob, Yoga & Starbucks enthusiast, Lover of wine, Gift finder, Perfectionist, Stationary lover & known as “the organised one”.


 In 2018 when breastfeeding my youngest I found myself forgetting which side to feed from next. After searching online for a breastfeeding aid I couldn't find anything like my idea, so I designed a simple, visual feeding prompt to share with other mums.


 I wanted to create the perfect gift; A sentimental keepsake with all the personal touches to be shared during such an emotional, whirlwind moment in a new mum’s life.

My jewellery is made extra special by the fact I bottle fed my first born, so designing a collection to celebrate both choices was important to me and very close to my heart. 

 Interesting facts about me:

I married my husband on our 1 year anniversary of being together

Last year we were a MadeForMum Finalist, just one month after our launch!


What parenting tip would you have given your pre-child self?

 Trust your maternal instinct and remember that taking care of yourself is just as important as looking after your new bundle of joy!



What’s the best part of your job?

 I still have “pinch me” moments; I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to stay at home with my girls each day whilst building my brand. I love that my idea is genuinely helping other breastfeeding mums & is equally important to bottle feeding mums too. I still experience that giddy feeling when we receive sales notifications, that feeling will never get old (or change as our brand grows)


What is the feedback from mums who buy your jewellery?

 “Genius idea”

“Love what this company are doing!”

“HOLD is such a great concept & very unique”

“Greatly admired by the mum to be & all of her friends”

“Couldn’t live without my Reminder Ring, it helped me establish breastfeeding”

“I love that the Evolve Bracelet celebrates bottle feeding, the perfect keepsake”



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